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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

'Lucky' days !

4th July
Visited Civil courts= boring lah ! The judge was speaking 'loudly' lor until I didn't know what he was mumbled about ! Quite 'Lau Ya' lah ! But the 'Dou you'( Drug addicts) agreed to what they have done wor ......... !Amazing, right ?May be the judge accused them in the drug trafficking.They also nodded their heads lor ! After finished to visit the courts , the 'lucky' thing was happened. (Tayar pancit). Spent RM 70 to change the tyre and tube. After that I have to ride my bike in the rainy day !Haha !

5th July
Went to KL to check the bike because the light was ROSAK lor ! When I turned into the corner. Eh ! A pot bellied police stood in front of me and said 'Selamat Petang , Encik!'. Then, he told me to give my license for him. Hai............... blacklisted liao lor because I followed the 'Xiao mian yang' (Scooter) to turn into the corner(NO ENTRY) lor ! Quite 'Cham' because I didn't pay attention. May be I have to 'visit' again Mahkamah Trafik or pay the saman! Haha !

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My Japanese Name !

My japanese name is 猿渡 Saruwatari (monkey on a crossing bridge) 翼 Tsubasa (wing).
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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sukan Tara !

Yeah , 2 days Sukan Tara was over ! This job will pass to new Form 6 students. Wahahaha ! ( Juz the boys only)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Visit our friends' house and take Ang Pau lor !

After the bell rang , we ( Hong Wuh, HanWui, Wui Kheng, Chee Lin, Seng Hong, Chi Mun, Jacklyn and me lor) visit seven friends' house. After Jacklyn went back at 6.46 p.m, the boys went to my house and take Ang Pau lor. Then we visited other friend at Taman Sri Gombak and gambling lor. After that , we ate dinner together at restraunt until 10.53 p.m ! Ang Pau + extra money (gambling) = So happy ! Hahaha !

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Wish in 18, Accomplished in 19

I wanna donate my blood when I was 18 , but felt scare lor. Bcoz my friends said donation would make some people felt uncomfortable and faint. A few donation I have been missed before, bcoz of this ridiculous reason lor. I think I may be the credulous person lor, so senang believe what they said.Finally I boost my convidence and make a decision that I should donate my blood in this holiday. At 30/12/2004 aftertoon , I went to Pusat Derma Darah by 'besi kuda'(bike) alone. Finally I have been sucessfully donated my blood liao lor ! Nothing was scary lah , juz felt a little bit pain(like Bee sting u lor or Mosquito bite u lor) when syringe was poked on my hand lor.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Unforgetable X'mas eve !!

X'mas eve doing wat ? Hor...hor went to BBQ lor and did the unforgetable stupid thing lor ! In this X'mas eve , I sudah pecah so many my own record liao lor ! Wat is it ? Haha! Read the below lor :-

First BBQ spot :-
  • I , C.Mun and Fenson went to BBQ at 7.30 pm. This BBQ was specially organized by TAR College student (b4 were ChongHwa student) lor. But dunno Y ? I oso 'campur' in this gathering lor !
  • This BBQ was quite good lor. Still could see my old fren after we studied in the difference school lor. A little bit regret ,cannot spend a lot of time at there ! Haiya so 'cham' one ! Bcoz of the Bui bui 's(Fat guy) fault lor. Always bising-bising , wan us to go to next BBQ lor ! Hai.......~~~
Second BBQ spot :-
  • We ( S.Hong , Bui bui , C.Mun , Fenson and me lor) went by car ! This BBQ was specially organized for Chong Hwa student only lor ! We spend there abt 2 hours. We oso celebrated Vivian birthday lor. Nothing special at there, juz ' Siew gai eik ' and 'Siew Hotdog' lor. After cleaning the mess, we all went back to Bui bui's house.
New record for me :
  1. Juz spending 3 hours in 2 BBQ party lor !
  2. the numerous hotdog sudah masuk perut, and no 'Siew gai eik' in this 2 BBQ
The ridiculous thing I have done in my life :-
  • After we reached at Bui bui house at 1.10 am. We took our bike to the famous places in KL like Menara KL , KLCC , Mid Valley, Sogo , Temple Tien Hou , Tasik Perdana Recreation Park , China Town , Bintang Wall, Sungai Wang , Lot 10 , Jalan Sultan Ismail , Chow Kit .......and so on ! The most 'memorable' thing was :--- Going to Kajang at 3.22 am. Wah ! What a 'wonderful' journey it is ! In this whole journey , I think my motorbike has already been 'jejak' between 100 km and 120 km lor. I felt frighten of my engine would explode when going to Kajang lor . After we sampai there . We took a break for a while at Petronas Station. Sleeping 1/2 hour(Sudah 4.30am) , then we went back to home lor ! When I reached my home . The time was 5.15 am liao lor !
  • Feel a little bit 'blur-blur' liao lor , but this journey was still meaningful. Y leh ? Find out urself lor !
New record for me :-
  1. Going a lot of famous places in the midnight. ( Feel cold at that time lor!)
  2. Going a lot of famous places in a 3 hours lor .
  3. Went back to home at 5.15 am ( Old record is 4.30 am) Wahaha!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

KungFu Hustle !!

Oh yeah ! I've been watching KungFu Hustle that was directed by Stephen Chow Seng Seng. Wahaha !!! How abt the movie ? nice or not ? Juz average only lor. Fighting from beginning until end lor ! This movie seem like ' Wa3 San1 Lun3 Kim1 (cantonease)' lor, every 'tinggi tangan (kung fu Titans)' gathered in The Pig Sty. In the movie u oso could see a 'Seafood' ghost always reveal his 'seafood' lor.Watch the movie u will find out who is 'Seafood' ghost lor ! Haha !! This time I'm regreted bcoz I could not see Stephen Chow lor. Y ? Bcoz of ' people moutain people sea' lor. Wahaha!