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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Wish in 18, Accomplished in 19

I wanna donate my blood when I was 18 , but felt scare lor. Bcoz my friends said donation would make some people felt uncomfortable and faint. A few donation I have been missed before, bcoz of this ridiculous reason lor. I think I may be the credulous person lor, so senang believe what they said.Finally I boost my convidence and make a decision that I should donate my blood in this holiday. At 30/12/2004 aftertoon , I went to Pusat Derma Darah by 'besi kuda'(bike) alone. Finally I have been sucessfully donated my blood liao lor ! Nothing was scary lah , juz felt a little bit pain(like Bee sting u lor or Mosquito bite u lor) when syringe was poked on my hand lor.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Unforgetable X'mas eve !!

X'mas eve doing wat ? Hor...hor went to BBQ lor and did the unforgetable stupid thing lor ! In this X'mas eve , I sudah pecah so many my own record liao lor ! Wat is it ? Haha! Read the below lor :-

First BBQ spot :-
  • I , C.Mun and Fenson went to BBQ at 7.30 pm. This BBQ was specially organized by TAR College student (b4 were ChongHwa student) lor. But dunno Y ? I oso 'campur' in this gathering lor !
  • This BBQ was quite good lor. Still could see my old fren after we studied in the difference school lor. A little bit regret ,cannot spend a lot of time at there ! Haiya so 'cham' one ! Bcoz of the Bui bui 's(Fat guy) fault lor. Always bising-bising , wan us to go to next BBQ lor ! Hai.......~~~
Second BBQ spot :-
  • We ( S.Hong , Bui bui , C.Mun , Fenson and me lor) went by car ! This BBQ was specially organized for Chong Hwa student only lor ! We spend there abt 2 hours. We oso celebrated Vivian birthday lor. Nothing special at there, juz ' Siew gai eik ' and 'Siew Hotdog' lor. After cleaning the mess, we all went back to Bui bui's house.
New record for me :
  1. Juz spending 3 hours in 2 BBQ party lor !
  2. the numerous hotdog sudah masuk perut, and no 'Siew gai eik' in this 2 BBQ
The ridiculous thing I have done in my life :-
  • After we reached at Bui bui house at 1.10 am. We took our bike to the famous places in KL like Menara KL , KLCC , Mid Valley, Sogo , Temple Tien Hou , Tasik Perdana Recreation Park , China Town , Bintang Wall, Sungai Wang , Lot 10 , Jalan Sultan Ismail , Chow Kit .......and so on ! The most 'memorable' thing was :--- Going to Kajang at 3.22 am. Wah ! What a 'wonderful' journey it is ! In this whole journey , I think my motorbike has already been 'jejak' between 100 km and 120 km lor. I felt frighten of my engine would explode when going to Kajang lor . After we sampai there . We took a break for a while at Petronas Station. Sleeping 1/2 hour(Sudah 4.30am) , then we went back to home lor ! When I reached my home . The time was 5.15 am liao lor !
  • Feel a little bit 'blur-blur' liao lor , but this journey was still meaningful. Y leh ? Find out urself lor !
New record for me :-
  1. Going a lot of famous places in the midnight. ( Feel cold at that time lor!)
  2. Going a lot of famous places in a 3 hours lor .
  3. Went back to home at 5.15 am ( Old record is 4.30 am) Wahaha!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

KungFu Hustle !!

Oh yeah ! I've been watching KungFu Hustle that was directed by Stephen Chow Seng Seng. Wahaha !!! How abt the movie ? nice or not ? Juz average only lor. Fighting from beginning until end lor ! This movie seem like ' Wa3 San1 Lun3 Kim1 (cantonease)' lor, every 'tinggi tangan (kung fu Titans)' gathered in The Pig Sty. In the movie u oso could see a 'Seafood' ghost always reveal his 'seafood' lor.Watch the movie u will find out who is 'Seafood' ghost lor ! Haha !! This time I'm regreted bcoz I could not see Stephen Chow lor. Y ? Bcoz of ' people moutain people sea' lor. Wahaha!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Sunway lagoon again ah !?

Details :
  • Activity : Go to Sunway Pyramid !!! Wahaha !! (May b will tumbuk by someone)
  • Date : 20th December ( 9 am - 7 pm )
  • Characters : Me lor , Wui Kheng , Han Wui , Wing Hong , Boon Pin , Pooi San , Pei Jing and Xiao chien.
  • How to go : By LRT and bus lor !

Go to Sunway Pyramid :

  • Where should I start from leh ? Hmm... OK! We all gathered at Wangsa Maju Station lor. Hopping into the LRT to Terminal Putra and then go to Kelana Jaya lor ! Hmm .... Y doing this leh har ? For fun lor !! Haha !
  • Then We take putra bus 900-B to Sunway lagoon. And then went to there and see see look look lor !

Aiyo skating lagi ah ?

  • Hor hor ....... sunway pyramid = Skating. This time I will mati lor. Y leh ? May b someone will use Akido to kill me liao lor ! Invite me to go, but having a lot of reason to refuse her. ' Sei (cantonease) lor '..... -_-"
  • We all bought the tickets and went to play lor at 12.00 pm.
  • Everyone wore the skating boot and then went to 'torture' sendiri lor ! Gave RM 19 for the people to torture sendiri. ( Seem like orang 'sot-sot' , haha!!). Some ppl falling , some was frequently crashing to the wall, BooOOM !! ( Macam cicak sticking on the wall). Wow the newcomer were seem like Micheal Jackson lor , they juz use 'Moon Walk' but didn't see shifting from his/her own place lor. The person who was trying to speed himself up and then fall on the floor, seem like penguin lor play on the big ice cube .
  • Grammy Awards ? Oscar Awards ? Should I set up 'Skating Awards' to my frens ? OK!
-----' Pok gai ' King Award : Boon Pin
-----' Pok gai ' Queen Award : Pooi San , Pei Jing and Xiao Chien
-----' 1st time OK! ' Award : Han Wui
-----' So far so good ' Award : Wui Kheng and Wing Hong

Bowling at Mega Lanes !

  • 2.00 pm wen to Mega Lanes! Yeah , We all played 3 rounds at lane 33rd and 34th !
  • Fisrt round (longkang period) ---- All of us can b gelar sebagai 'longkang group'. Most of us thorow the ball into longkang lor ! But max mark was 101 lor.Still OK!
  • Second round (lucky period) ---- Hor hor, everyone can handle the skill of playing bowling liao lor. Eventually , the maximun mark was 120 leh !
  • Third round ( 'luan-luan lai' period)---- All of us took the challenge to thorow 14, 15 and 16 pounds ball. I tried to use my both hands and pushed slightly to hit the bottle. (Eh, the feel is quite good , but a little bit 'bak Ci ' lor !
  • Finally we went back to home after finished to play bowling !

( Oso happy ending !! )

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Christmas on 15/12---PART 2

After visiting Bukit Melawati ..................
  • We had a dinner before going to Kg. Kuantan. It was the place that is nearby K.Selangor river.

Chritsmas Tree.................

  • After hopping onto the sampan, we were enjoying the soothing sounds and fresh air. Thanks god ! The atmosphere was so tranquil and calm.I watched, fascinated, as the scene began to appear.Wow , so beautiful. The fireflies congregated on trees, twinkling like Chritsmas light.
  • When I saw the stars and moon hanging on the sky. My goodness ! What a wondeful scene in the world was juz located in Malaysia. Stars! Moon! Fireflies! Wow so susah to distinguish liao lor. This was the imagination pic when I saw at fireflies sanctuary ........
  • U see the fact is always so cham one. The scene is not so fascinating .........
  • Yeah ! Time to balik tidur.....................zzZZZZZZ

7.38 a.m 16th December (Friday) ..................

  • I woke up to jalan-jalan at luar and talk for a while with gardener and Indian man. I can feel that they were so honest and keen to help person lor! They have not been studied since they were small, but they welcomed every visitors.
  • When I walked into Sungai buloh estate! A worker (Abang Shamsul) driving a bike to bawa me ke minum teh! Wow the distance from the house to the tempat minum teh was quite far away leh! I feel that I macam ' Mai Zhu Zhai(cantonese)'. When we came back. Abang Shamsul also explain that the harvesting of oil palm to me like different colour of paint on the trunk to mark some detail and I tried to pick up the 1 tandan oil palm. Hmm... quite berat leh and tajam-tajam leh !
  • Then I came back. We went back to KL lor!

(Happy Ending !!!)

Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas on 15/12---PART 1

1.01 pm , 15th December (Thursday) ....................
  • Mana is 29/26?Finally I found M.hwa house and saw thin bug(boleh jalan de leh, so amazing!Boleh masuk Ripley's believe it or not.) Waiting her 1/2 hour to come back bcoz she go to makan.When she came back with her fren(Ah look,Jacky and Xue Yi).The journey to Kuala Selangor was began. And the driver was who ? Haha , She is our 'MPV champion' ,M.hwa and her car, Toyota unser. (Whisper :Wat champion is it ? 'Langgar' champion lor or called that crash queen!).This is the car......but not so shining lah and has a litte bit new scratch.Y , had new scatch?

After 2 hours ............

  • We were arriving at the Jason house. His house was located at S.Buloh estate.(Quite Sian, If I live at there forever lor!).Then sat for a while and play dogdog lor. Where were we staying ? Chalet ? hotel ? On the road ? No, no,no we all lived in bungalow! It is 3 storey bungalow.Wahahaha!The toilet was bigger than my bedroom. And the swimming pool also provided at the greeny garden (but swimming pool cannot berenang de ! Y ?When we jump into pool , ur head pasti 'buka bunga(hoi fa)'bcoz the pool was leaking mah!)


  • The time for us to visit Bukit Melawati! Some monkeys climbed on the tree.And the buliding like skyscraper(In fact , the lighthouse is not so tall at all lah, may b my eyes have something problem lor!).Let's see the pic of Alsburg's lighthouse........

  • We walked for a while at Bukit Malawati. We saw the silver leaf monkeys eating the food that given by other visitors. Do u know wat thing can make monkeys feel like this..........(guess !!!)

Giv u some tips , OK? Tip: Monkey + Durian = ??? If u cannot answer the quesition.Then u may ikut the monkeys to " zhen c gei goh(cantonease)".Macam gambar ini ............

Answer : The monkeys only know how to eat banana , rambutan, and snacker. Durian ? Haha...hanya tengok sahaja lor. Finally , visitor used the screwdriver open for them. Next time , I thinkif someone give durian, nangka, cempedak or coconut.And a few monkeys holding the screwdriver jump down from the trees. Don't feel threaten or nervous, bcoz they were not rompak u lah . They juz learn the new technology from the human for opening the fruits only!So somedays the monkeys at Bukit Malawati will wear sunglasses and hold screwdriver to become "Mondern Monkey Groups", lepak sini lepak sana and smile on u. Don't scare ,bcoz this is wat the human teach the monkeys.And then I will teach them to say " Mou yok da gip(cantonease)"! So the another visitors will feel amazing when the monkeys talk to him, the monkeys will get some money lor. So good leh the idea!!! Wahaha!!

(To be continued---------Part2)

Monday, December 13, 2004

Tell me why ?

Tell me why ? I'm so boring ! Tell me why ? Always the word'bore' in my mind. Tell me why ? Thousand of things left behind! Tell me why ? If this situation is continue, I will die. Tell me why ? Is it everyone go somewhere , I never mind ? Tell me why ? What can be done in less than 1 month. word "SIAN' . Haha!!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Blog, blog, blog!

Since May 2004 ,(Start blogging)

  1. Read the artcicle in The Star newspaper that talking about the blog......
  2. Feel curious and little bit 38, so wanna try it lor!
  3. Wow, What is template? Eh , Why republish again!......??? Many things are new for me.
  4. Nvm !So found many sample likes, and many other blogs!
  5. See so many blogs and websites. Lagi blur blur one liao lah! So many ??? appear on my head. And then -_-...zzZZZZ

In June-Oct 2004, (Give up)

  1. Wow so many things I still cannot handle it. Who can help me?Dunno , so "makan diri" lor!
  2. I don't 1 2 play it liao ! Give up!White flag is flowed on the sky.(Haiya, so memper"siashui"kan -_-"! Haha!)
  3. Nvm! I could play free hosting mah!So found many websites those provide free hosting like ,,, and so on .........
  4. Wow so many things have to learn oso! Aiya, aiya kepala mau bongkak liao. Many ??? come out from my head!What is FTP , Asp, Php........(Today oso blur blur one)
  5. Give up again! The more useful tactic ----No 36 Sun Zhi Ping Fa....................(Chicken run)(Haiya memper"siashui" lagi)
  6. Ok this time I will learn how to use dreamweaver ,flash and photoshop to create my website.Wow oso many things have to learn ! This time I will try my best liao(Now , I still cannot use those software properly ,Haha!!)

(To be continued...................)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Who am I ?

Who am I(English)? Wo shi shui(Chinese)? Siapa saya(B.Melayu)?Gua c hami lang(Hokkien)? Gua di mi lang(Hainan)? -_-"........ The question is written as below:--

  1. Who am I ?
  2. Lower 6 student lor in Chong Hwa (23 days have to go to become upper 6 student liao!)
  3. What stream am I studied ?
  4. Physic(Y ?Bcoz physic blh kira mah,Bio need to ingat so many things!)
  5. How can I get here(blogger)?
  6. Bcoz I have been read an article in The Star that talk about the blogger mah!(So feel 38 Wanna to play it lor!)
  7. What relationship btw u(Form 5 student) and me ?
  8. If u prefer to study STPM so I will be ur Senior lor. If not, we also the "Chong Hwa Er Nu" mah!
  9. What the advantages if u know me, when u 1 2 study STPM in Chong Hwa?
  10. Excactly not lor, bcoz every newcomers will kena play play mah.(I feel so good bcoz this can interact with the senior mah!)
  11. How can I can know u(Form 5 blog group)
  12. This is hardly to explain it. In the simple way I find the chong hwa lifestyle first and then find the rest lor!
  13. How can my blog add in mrmy's blog?
  14. Haha! bcoz I knew his sister mah so also knew him lor!
    If anything cause u(Form 5 student) blur blur one, send the comment for me lor.I will try to explain it.So finally, hmm.....what should I say ........OK. Finally I hope all of u will continue the relationship btw each other forever. Happy holiday!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Christmas and New Year Month !!

Wow , Chritsmas and New Year are around the corner liao ! Hmm...... what things I will gonna to do leh? May be sleeping at home or going to somebody house with the deer and....(Aiks why I become Santa Clause ? May be u will find the answer if the Chritsmas day U have found that your sock has a C4 bomb or "Cha Siu" or "Siu Yo" .....). I found that a few songs playing with guitar are quite good(including chritmas song). These songs are listed below:-((Warning: These songs may cause u feel sleepy. Please don't hear it when u r driving,especially in ur driving test,hehe!))

  1. Yellow Chritmas
  2. Un Dia De Noviembre
  3. Wedding in Dream