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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

KungFu Hustle !!

Oh yeah ! I've been watching KungFu Hustle that was directed by Stephen Chow Seng Seng. Wahaha !!! How abt the movie ? nice or not ? Juz average only lor. Fighting from beginning until end lor ! This movie seem like ' Wa3 San1 Lun3 Kim1 (cantonease)' lor, every 'tinggi tangan (kung fu Titans)' gathered in The Pig Sty. In the movie u oso could see a 'Seafood' ghost always reveal his 'seafood' lor.Watch the movie u will find out who is 'Seafood' ghost lor ! Haha !! This time I'm regreted bcoz I could not see Stephen Chow lor. Y ? Bcoz of ' people moutain people sea' lor. Wahaha!