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Monday, December 20, 2004

Sunway lagoon again ah !?

Details :
  • Activity : Go to Sunway Pyramid !!! Wahaha !! (May b will tumbuk by someone)
  • Date : 20th December ( 9 am - 7 pm )
  • Characters : Me lor , Wui Kheng , Han Wui , Wing Hong , Boon Pin , Pooi San , Pei Jing and Xiao chien.
  • How to go : By LRT and bus lor !

Go to Sunway Pyramid :

  • Where should I start from leh ? Hmm... OK! We all gathered at Wangsa Maju Station lor. Hopping into the LRT to Terminal Putra and then go to Kelana Jaya lor ! Hmm .... Y doing this leh har ? For fun lor !! Haha !
  • Then We take putra bus 900-B to Sunway lagoon. And then went to there and see see look look lor !

Aiyo skating lagi ah ?

  • Hor hor ....... sunway pyramid = Skating. This time I will mati lor. Y leh ? May b someone will use Akido to kill me liao lor ! Invite me to go, but having a lot of reason to refuse her. ' Sei (cantonease) lor '..... -_-"
  • We all bought the tickets and went to play lor at 12.00 pm.
  • Everyone wore the skating boot and then went to 'torture' sendiri lor ! Gave RM 19 for the people to torture sendiri. ( Seem like orang 'sot-sot' , haha!!). Some ppl falling , some was frequently crashing to the wall, BooOOM !! ( Macam cicak sticking on the wall). Wow the newcomer were seem like Micheal Jackson lor , they juz use 'Moon Walk' but didn't see shifting from his/her own place lor. The person who was trying to speed himself up and then fall on the floor, seem like penguin lor play on the big ice cube .
  • Grammy Awards ? Oscar Awards ? Should I set up 'Skating Awards' to my frens ? OK!
-----' Pok gai ' King Award : Boon Pin
-----' Pok gai ' Queen Award : Pooi San , Pei Jing and Xiao Chien
-----' 1st time OK! ' Award : Han Wui
-----' So far so good ' Award : Wui Kheng and Wing Hong

Bowling at Mega Lanes !

  • 2.00 pm wen to Mega Lanes! Yeah , We all played 3 rounds at lane 33rd and 34th !
  • Fisrt round (longkang period) ---- All of us can b gelar sebagai 'longkang group'. Most of us thorow the ball into longkang lor ! But max mark was 101 lor.Still OK!
  • Second round (lucky period) ---- Hor hor, everyone can handle the skill of playing bowling liao lor. Eventually , the maximun mark was 120 leh !
  • Third round ( 'luan-luan lai' period)---- All of us took the challenge to thorow 14, 15 and 16 pounds ball. I tried to use my both hands and pushed slightly to hit the bottle. (Eh, the feel is quite good , but a little bit 'bak Ci ' lor !
  • Finally we went back to home after finished to play bowling !

( Oso happy ending !! )