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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Unforgetable X'mas eve !!

X'mas eve doing wat ? Hor...hor went to BBQ lor and did the unforgetable stupid thing lor ! In this X'mas eve , I sudah pecah so many my own record liao lor ! Wat is it ? Haha! Read the below lor :-

First BBQ spot :-
  • I , C.Mun and Fenson went to BBQ at 7.30 pm. This BBQ was specially organized by TAR College student (b4 were ChongHwa student) lor. But dunno Y ? I oso 'campur' in this gathering lor !
  • This BBQ was quite good lor. Still could see my old fren after we studied in the difference school lor. A little bit regret ,cannot spend a lot of time at there ! Haiya so 'cham' one ! Bcoz of the Bui bui 's(Fat guy) fault lor. Always bising-bising , wan us to go to next BBQ lor ! Hai.......~~~
Second BBQ spot :-
  • We ( S.Hong , Bui bui , C.Mun , Fenson and me lor) went by car ! This BBQ was specially organized for Chong Hwa student only lor ! We spend there abt 2 hours. We oso celebrated Vivian birthday lor. Nothing special at there, juz ' Siew gai eik ' and 'Siew Hotdog' lor. After cleaning the mess, we all went back to Bui bui's house.
New record for me :
  1. Juz spending 3 hours in 2 BBQ party lor !
  2. the numerous hotdog sudah masuk perut, and no 'Siew gai eik' in this 2 BBQ
The ridiculous thing I have done in my life :-
  • After we reached at Bui bui house at 1.10 am. We took our bike to the famous places in KL like Menara KL , KLCC , Mid Valley, Sogo , Temple Tien Hou , Tasik Perdana Recreation Park , China Town , Bintang Wall, Sungai Wang , Lot 10 , Jalan Sultan Ismail , Chow Kit .......and so on ! The most 'memorable' thing was :--- Going to Kajang at 3.22 am. Wah ! What a 'wonderful' journey it is ! In this whole journey , I think my motorbike has already been 'jejak' between 100 km and 120 km lor. I felt frighten of my engine would explode when going to Kajang lor . After we sampai there . We took a break for a while at Petronas Station. Sleeping 1/2 hour(Sudah 4.30am) , then we went back to home lor ! When I reached my home . The time was 5.15 am liao lor !
  • Feel a little bit 'blur-blur' liao lor , but this journey was still meaningful. Y leh ? Find out urself lor !
New record for me :-
  1. Going a lot of famous places in the midnight. ( Feel cold at that time lor!)
  2. Going a lot of famous places in a 3 hours lor .
  3. Went back to home at 5.15 am ( Old record is 4.30 am) Wahaha!!!