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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Wish in 18, Accomplished in 19

I wanna donate my blood when I was 18 , but felt scare lor. Bcoz my friends said donation would make some people felt uncomfortable and faint. A few donation I have been missed before, bcoz of this ridiculous reason lor. I think I may be the credulous person lor, so senang believe what they said.Finally I boost my convidence and make a decision that I should donate my blood in this holiday. At 30/12/2004 aftertoon , I went to Pusat Derma Darah by 'besi kuda'(bike) alone. Finally I have been sucessfully donated my blood liao lor ! Nothing was scary lah , juz felt a little bit pain(like Bee sting u lor or Mosquito bite u lor) when syringe was poked on my hand lor.