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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

'Lucky' days !

4th July
Visited Civil courts= boring lah ! The judge was speaking 'loudly' lor until I didn't know what he was mumbled about ! Quite 'Lau Ya' lah ! But the 'Dou you'( Drug addicts) agreed to what they have done wor ......... !Amazing, right ?May be the judge accused them in the drug trafficking.They also nodded their heads lor ! After finished to visit the courts , the 'lucky' thing was happened. (Tayar pancit). Spent RM 70 to change the tyre and tube. After that I have to ride my bike in the rainy day !Haha !

5th July
Went to KL to check the bike because the light was ROSAK lor ! When I turned into the corner. Eh ! A pot bellied police stood in front of me and said 'Selamat Petang , Encik!'. Then, he told me to give my license for him. Hai............... blacklisted liao lor because I followed the 'Xiao mian yang' (Scooter) to turn into the corner(NO ENTRY) lor ! Quite 'Cham' because I didn't pay attention. May be I have to 'visit' again Mahkamah Trafik or pay the saman! Haha !